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Our passion is turning your ideas into elegant, simple to use software.

We get straight to work to discover the most valuable software features in close collaboration with you.

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"Sciphus Computing delivered the app we wanted in a dedicated, professional manner" - Professor Keith Goulding, Rothamsted Research

About us

Sciphus Computing Ltd

Hey, I'm Gabriela - I'm an Android Developer with a passion for simple and cool tools to make my day easier. Since gaining a Masters Degree in Informatics, I have been a software engineer for over seven years, working in Java and on Android apps for and In my spare time I enjoy Arduino, Raspberry Pi and IoT projects.

Hi, I'm Paul - I'm an experienced .NET software engineer and mentor. After studying Theoretical Physics at university, I've served as a technical lead in several UK software companies. In my free time, I organise the Cambridge Programmers' Study Group.

What we do

Turning your ideas into simple, easy to use software


Whether it's mobile, desktop or server, we have the software expertise to make it happen


We have a track record of delivering rock-solid software in fast-paced commerical environments


Our developers are trained scientists and can quickly get to grips with your ideas

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